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5 Tips to boost your export import business

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

In India, Export Import has always been subject of interest for all business community. Number of business houses are engaged in exporting and earning good profit and number of new companies and new businesses are entering this field every day. There are many institutes and training centers providing training in Export Import. Their aim is to encourage people to start export import business and get successful in exporting and earn foreign es change. 

Bu in this series of blogs we shall discuss about those businessmen or new merchant exporters who have already entered in this business and have registered their companies, completed documentation formalities but they are unable to find buyers for export.  In other words we can say they struggle a lot to find buyers for export and market their products for exporting and atlas after struggling for few months they are tired and change their business blaming export import field. In this series we shall identify and nominate few points which new exporters new merchant exporters don’t consider or they don’t work on properly in a hurry to start new merchant export business they ignore these necessary points and then don’t get buyers. Below is list of points which we will discuss in detail in this series. 

1. Part time working

2. Products

3. Marketing

4. Finance

5. Documents and pricing

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